The regulatory checking module is composed of two programs: CheckCIS™, which is the data management part of the system, and ICheck™ , the actual formula checking program.  The regulatory checking system is designed to handle regulatory criteria, country restrictions, and customer requirements.  In addition, the system is designed to be easily adapted for virtually any regulatory checking requirement that may be encountered at any time, both now and in the future, without requiring programming changes.

The data entered into CheckCIS™ is used on a system-wide basis so that not only can formulas be reviewed by your regulatory department, but reviews can be requested from any AromaCIS™/ FlavorCIS™ workstation or from the ProCIS™ system.  To make the job of the regulatory department easier, standard criteria can be set up for customers, countries and applications.  This not only assures that the correct criteria are checked for a given project, but it makes it easier for the formula developers to request a formula to be checked.  The results of the checking are placed into data tables, and a report is generated that can either be viewed on the screen or sent to a printer.

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Various categories of checking data are entered into the data forms found in CheckCIS™. Each data category (listed in Product Highlights) has a dedicated input form.

An example of the Checking Data Column Definition Form appears at the right. Checking information is entered into the appropriate data form and the system stores this information in the central database.

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A single button click is all that is required to check a formula. Users select the formula and the criteria for which to check. Using the default checking requirements, the user only has to specify the application, country, and customer.  The system will take care of the rest.

Once the check is started, the formula is sent to the ICheck™ queue.  When the check is complete, users are notified and ICheck™ generates a report in a predetermined format that can be viewed on the screen or sent to a printer.

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ICheck™ is the partner program to CheckCIS™.  It performs the actual checks based upon the information entered into CheckCIS™.  After running the checks, ICheck™ supplies the user with concise reports listing the status of the formulas/ingredients.  Below is an example of a detailed Formula Report. The actual size is larger than shown here.



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