Global Directions’ Laboratory Compounding and Information System (LabCIS™) provides fragrance and flavor formulators with a markedly improved compounding method by removing laboratory-level paperwork and offering an innovative touch screen interface.

    Faster and more reliable compounding of formulas.
    Ingredient tracking down to the lot level.
    Rapid ingredient addition without cumbersome keyboard and mouse interaction.
    Tracking of actual ingredient quantity addition for review by the formula developer.
    Notification of over pours so that corrective action can be taken rather than covered up.
    Small footprint to take up no more space than a standard 15 inch monitor but is a
        complete computer system.
    Touch screen is sensitive to touch, even when wearing latex gloves.

  Product Highlights




Touch screen computer with Windows XP, fully network
    compatible via an Ethernet connection.   The computer is
    encased within the 15-inch touch screen housing to form a
    single integrated unit. No separate processor box to clutter the

Keyboard and mouse connectors for configuration work -- not
    necessary for the operation of LabCIS™.

Bar code reader compatible with the PDF417 bar code format.

Zebra TLP-3844-Z label printer with first LabCIS™ system.

Can interface with most laboratory balances that have some
    type of computer input and output (RS-232 or USB).


    Uses an ODBC connection to the database where the necessary tables are located.
    The system is fully integrated with the TriFoilTM system.
    Can be integrated with other systems that support an ODBC connection and can be set up to contain
        the necessary database tables.

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