The Profile and Project Tracking System, ProCIS™, functions as a formula information manager, tracking requests for submission from start to finish.  Included in this powerful information manager is the ability to add, view and store application, testing and evaluation information.  Easy-to-use data forms permit the clear entry and retrieval of evaluation data, formula testing information, submission history, adoption history, and sales requests as well as a customer information file.

  Product Highlights


A profile is essentially a sales report that outlines a customer's request.  In ProCIS™, there are three variations of this sales report.  The example shown here is the first page of the standard profile. Subsequent pages request data on the type of flavor/fragrance, target market, labeling information, base type, packaging features, submissions required, etc.

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Communication channels between ProCIS™ and our creative suites permit the transfer of necessary
data from the sales team to the chemists and evaluators.

       The figure above illustrates a simplified flow of data.

           After a sales profile is entered into ProCIS™, either a library search is done, or the profile is
                assigned to a perfumer/flavorist.
The perfumer/flavorist receives the profile information through a message queue and creates a
           The formula, either from the perfumer/flavorist or from the library search, is recommended.
           The formula is evaluated and submitted.
           A sample request is created and the information is sent to the compounding area.


Perhaps the strongest feature of ProCIS™ is the extensive search capability the program offers.  As
noted in the Product Highlights, there are several search options available from the various menus.  Once
a library has been established, this feature enables quick retrieval of specific information.  Below is a
brief examination of the power of this search tool.

    Search Profile Data Files.  Users may search for a profile or profiles that meet specific criteria.
        The search can be conducted based upon such criteria as fragrance type, application, selling
        price or raw material cost.

    Search Submission Information.  ProCIS users may need to recall a submitted formula.  Evaluation
         criteria for this search includes application, adoption history, quoted price as well as many others.

    Search Application Results.  You can locate a formula for an application based on previous product
         test results stored in the system. Search criteria includes application, initial odor and color as well as
         final and overall odor and color.

    Search Evaluation Data.  Use evaluation data to retrieve specific formulas and search for profile
         candidates.  This feature permits searches based on descriptors, application, raw material cost,
         and submission and adoption data.

These features provide a mere overview of the capabilities of ProCIS™.   For more information
regarding this or other Global Directions Inc. modules, please
contact a sales representative at your

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