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The AromaCIS™ and FlavorCIS™ modules are also designed to provide superior formula information management. The AromaCIS™/FlavorCIS™ system virtually eliminates misspellings and clerical errors. All the data entry forms, formula worksheets, primary and secondary cost books and ingredient names are standardized for the users.  In addition, each formula receives a unique number.  This number may never be changed.  This protects the formula and insures its easy retrieval.  AromaCIS™/FlavorCIS™ is designed to provide hassle free formula and data retrieval.  Enter the whole string or the first few characters of the term or name.  The system will supply a list of closely corresponding answers.

Running these utilites is as easy as selecting the appropriate icon.

  Command    Description
  Global Replace

   Replaces ingredients in all formulas on a user's system from a
   given list.

  Where Used

   Searches formulas for the occurrence of a specified


  Product Highlights
  Technical Notes
  Formula Editor In Depth


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